Sunday, 14 June 2015

Gone 'Creek Sailing'


Paul Mullings said...

Sailed out of Brightlingsea this morning and guess who I saw strolling over Mersea Stone?
Didn't have time to stop and say hello as we had to make our tide back to Leigh.
We were returning from a five day cruise up the Stour and Orwell.
I trust you are enjoying the Colne....

Creeksailor said...

On one hand it seems amazing that someone can travel all that way round the world and spot us like that. But on the other, we do get about so its not really surprising. Guess you would have had a nice trip and a good sail down in that north-westerly.

Paul Mullings said...

Yes it amazing when you think about it, pity I didn't have the camera ready it would have been a great shot.
Trip was great until the Blacktail Spit where it blew up to 20knts wind against tide so pretty lumpy for a while...nice to round the pier and head into calmer waters.
I will be back in Brightlingsea on Tuesday are you still around that area?