Saturday, 11 April 2015

Bump! 2015 Small Boat Sailors Rally

This year, the Small Boat Sailors rally will be on Saturday 13th June. As a reminder; we meet on a friendly basis in the memory of the late Charles Stock, the intrepid adventure sailor and former owner of Shoal Waters, who inspired many to take to the water in an inexpensive boat and begin cruising under sail. We have been meeting for the last four years now so this will be our fifth. Last year we met on the Broads in Norfolk. (see pic)
All sizes and types of craft are welcome to join us. Very relaxed itinerary made up as the day passes. Check your tide tables as tides will be neaps so we may sail down to Bradwell and raft-up in the area, with the aim of heading back upriver on the evening tide. Bring your puddings - I have the kettle to cook them in if you haven't! And wellies too.

Date: Saturday 13th June
Place: Goldhanger Creek, River Blackwater, Essex

Have a small dinghy and would need to launch nearby? We may be able to accommodate you.
Inbox or email Creeksailor on the address above in the sidebar.
Note: All weather permitting. Safety is paramount and it is up to each skipper to ascertain the suitability of his or her craft and experience of in tidal waters. Anyone attending does so at their own risk.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Golden Hinde II - Sir Francis Drake

Flowing from the hinterland of a green and old England until it drains into the North Sea, the River Thames is awash with history.
However, for sheer density and variety I find it's hard to beat a visit to 'the smoke'. Those who know London and the area by the river will appreciate the amount of development and how this has opened up the Thames pathways to pedestrians.

A stroll along the waterside on a Sunday morning, for a drink in the Flounders Arms, The Anchor or the Prospect of Whitby, 30 years ago for instance may well have been taken alone. Today people come out in their thousands. And you cant blame them as some of the best views of London's city-scape can be taken for free along the waters edge.

For us salty types the city can be the proverbial sweet shop and the image below shows just one little treat that can be found tucked away in St Mary Overie Dock, literally minutes away from Shakespear's Globe Theater. This is a full size ocean-going replica of Sir Francis Drake's Golden Hind; Golden Hinde II. Built by J. Hinks & Son in Devon and launched in 1973, she's also sailed around the world but other than a visit to the boat show in 2003 she has been sat here since 1996. She was the dream of two Americans who wanted to celebrate the 400th year since Drake landed on the west coast of North America. Her story is a fascinating one, too long for this page but to share one small thought, to those who like to mix a little ale with their sea-salt - when Sir Francis Drake set sail on his epic round the world exploration, in 1577, he would have sailed right past the Prospect of Whitby as it was built in 1520. Tony