Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Riddle Of The Sands (Maplin)


Alden Smith said...

Great video. The reason why I love these little videos is because they remind me of my sailing heritage. I grew up sailing on Christchurch Estuary here in New Zealand. Very tidal, with little channels and mud banks and the birds wheeling - The entrance to the Thames and its eastern approaches remind me of those early days. I now sail here in deep water in Northland NZ but I still identify strongly with your sort of sailing.

Do you wear one of those inflatable life jackets? God forbid that you might step off into a deep channel with thigh waders on!

Creeksailor said...

No life jacket here my friend and only minutes before this I was swimming 'commando' with the seals (for safety reasons not to be recommended). This is heaven, the evocative night spent under a crescent moon on the Broomway after this sea-ramble was worth dying for. The reality of the experience surpassed anything Ive read on paper under oil lamp of both Maurice Griffiths and Charles Stock's adventures. This was 8 or 9 months ago now but it was so good I've not been able to write about it! The south-east gets busier and busier year in year out but the dream can still be reality for those who want to partake in it.I'm living it here and now, today. Good sailing, Tony

Alden Smith said...

Good on you Tony. We read the same books. Yes the reality of good cruising is always better than the book or the dream, always - in fact sailing for me has always been one of the things in life that consistently delivers its tantalizing promises.