Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Port and Starboard

Port and Starboard
The clocks have gone forward one hour so summer is definitely here. If you are preparing a boat for the coming season I wish you well with it. For those that don’t own a boat but like to get a boat fix every once in a while, there’ll be more opportunities to boat-watch as the annual stream of pleasure boats up and down our rivers and creeks begin to take to their moorings on the water over the next couple of months.
Still under wraps, our new cushion
  Some of you may have come across the chain of thought that the word ‘posh ‘originated from the nautical terms port and starboard. This was in the days when well- healed 19th century ship passengers, on their way to India, would be able to afford the better bunks on the port side for the journey out (port out) and starboard on the homeward leg (starboard home). With the other passengers on board being mere mortals and gawking; ooh, there posh, as the cash-laden bashed past toward their favored bunks with leather-cased luggage. 
  Well, there is definitely no posh aboard Shoal Waters (we can do pie-mash but not posh) – she’s firmly at the working end of the boat scale and at 76000 plus nautical miles traveled, and counting, continues to be well used and cared for.
  Why all this posh tosh you might ask? Well, we have a new bunk cushion for 2015, it’s cherry red, and I couldn’t help commenting to the maker when I collected it that it was all rather posh-looking! I didn’t quite use those exact words but that was the gist of it. And yes, it may look posh set beside the other, now seasoned looking, cushions but the creek-sailors among you will know that a session of weighing anchor will have me scrambling below inevitably covered in dark goo from the bed of a creek, which will wipe away any glint of posh to our preferred ruddy and cheerful glow, like the rest of her.  
 Good sailing, and boat watching, Tony

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Alden Smith said...

Ah, speaking as a working class boy I can see there are deep echoes of Empire reflected here in your post - India was the 'Jewel in the Crown' for Britain mainly because of the Hindu cast system, something the English of those times could relate to!

The echoes here are your reluctance to cast off the plastic wrappings of your new cushion - there are hints of quite not wanting to loose the 'poshness'... not quite yet! LOL ..... here's a compromise for you ... take off the plastic wrappings BUT treat yourself to some bright red thigh waders!! strut your poshness with abandon - even within my working class psyche there is a bit of aristocracy that wants to come out! LOL !

With all your talk of boats getting put back on moorings etc I am reminded of how different sailing is in your part of the world to here in NZ where my own yacht sits on her mooring year round and is sailed pretty much all year round. But having a shorter season as you do, may mean that there is more intensity and activity during summer. Enjoy your preparations and your sailing.