Monday, 29 December 2014

Huffler Inspired Gaff Cutter Conversion

This sailing rig conversion was inspired by the pocket cruising antics, undertaken and written about in 'Ready About On The River Blackwater', of my former 16' Shipmate Huffler, a standard Shipmate Senior cabin cruisier and trailer-sailor with Bermudan rig that I converted to gaff cutter. This conversion was done professionally at Dave Patients yard in Fullbridge, Maldon, I spoke about it here Going Gaff, and I had the chance to see her under way and take this picture on the River Blackwater when she joined one of our Small Boat Sailors gatherings in 2013.

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Alden Smith said...

I love this little rig - on something this size (similiar in size to Shoal Waters) 2 jibs seems like too much unneeded work, but there is only so much rationality associated with sailing - how does one quantify romance and two jibbed good looks?