Monday, 2 June 2014

Small Boat Rally 2014 Hickling Broad

As the heading says this year the Small Boat Sailors gathering will be on Hickling Broad.

The very nature of cruising means that skippers generally like to do their own thing therefore nailing people down to dates is always going to be difficult, and although our connection  may be loose, as long as we end up having a sail in company, and if possible a bit later, a beer and something to eat after in the Pleasure Boat Inn, we would have achieved our aim of meeting up in the memory of the late small boat adventurer Charles Stock.

Date: Saturday 21st June 2014. That's in three weekends time.
Meet time: Whenever you can get there but on the water around lunch time would be good.

Note: Remember to bring your puddings, and wellies are optional for the Hickling meet as for East Coaster's the novelty of stepping on and off a boat in a clean pair of boat shoes, on to neatly carpentered staiths, is a luxury they may want to make full use of. I already have!

If you have a boat parked on the Broads somewhere then please do head up and join us, even just to say hi, we'll be pleased to see you. If you are thinking of trailing and launching on the day then I would recommend Whispering Reeds Boatyard who charge a reasonable fee to use their slip, and can sort out parking and day permits etc.

Hickling Broad is the largest of the Broads  and sits in a somewhat quieter, but ever pleasant wildlife haven. This reed-fringed marshland environment has some interesting dykes to poke into and is also north of the iconic but busier Potter Heigham Bridge. As far as depth and tides go; I'm yet to sail out of soundings of my 6' Broads Poker. And the tide; this is hardly noticeable and sailing over the small rise in inches of water level is not something we need let concern us on the day - unless you are heading down to the Thurne or under Potter Heigham Bridge that is.
Please make your own checks to be sure you are happy with everything as we all meet on a friendly basis and as 'no-one' is in charge 'no-one' can be blamed if in the unlikely event it all goes belly up for whatever reason.
 Remember, all are welcome to join the Small Boat Sailors Group no matter what type or size of boat you choose to own.
Let me know if you are coming as I might be able to get a group discount for launching and we might need to book tables and moorings in advance.
Looking forward to seeing a few of you on the water. Good sailing, Tony

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