Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Barlinghall Creek

 As an extension to Sea-Country I will be listing many notable creeks on the Creeksailor pages under the label 'Sea-Country.'

The view while making the climb up this creek from its mouth at the Violet in Potton Creek is perhaps one of Essex's best kept secrets.  I for one am yet to find a view in marshland Essex that is more pleasing. The picturesque church tower, with steeple, peeping above the swaying trees is quite enough to forge the resolve of any skipper having to beat into a headwind around the creek's curving course. But add to this a number of small fishing vessels that dangle drying nets and dredges from rigging that casts sleepy shadows over long, sunny, summer days.
Barlinghall Creek.
   On entering Barling, one has committed to a world that few know. To delve deeper into its depths I hold a steady course - slow and sure. The waters before me are calm, flat, often mirror-like. Not here will your beam-ends be slung over. But beware if the sea fog hangs low and eerie as you are done for unless an anchor is set. Smothered by the reaching arms of the creek boundary the small boat must make frequent interweaving of sleeping, still vessels clung steadfast to moorings, and yet at the same time, staying free of dark ooze is a must to reach the Quay, which is an old concrete barge. Possibly one of the Mulberry harbour barges intended for the D Day landings.
  Here, absorbed by echoes of wildfowl clip clopping over cloying mud, in an enchanted place, one realises this peaceful creek is the essence of a rural working port with its heartbeat in rhythm to that of the oyster and tide.

Barge at Barling Hall.  Ferro concrete barges were part of the Mulberry harbour used in the D Day landings. Many are scattered around Essex.

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Ron said...

My wife and I visited the barge quay by road and path up from the church recently with a view to a trip in our small yacht based in the Medway. It is indeed a beautiful, peaceful place. Thank you for your piece on Barlinghall Creek and for your wonderful site, it is so helpful and interesting.