Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Osea Leisure Park

If you don't sail locally but you'd like to get a feel for marshland Essex; hear the sounds of seabirds and watch marram grass swaying in the breeze; experience the twice daily tides lap the shores of Viking islands Osea and Northey, and all under the big sky country of the Blackwater estuary, and would rather do it  in a tent or caravan along with the rest of your family then Osea Leisure Park, on the northern shore of the upper Blackwater is the place to do it. The park has been running since 1933 and has managed to keep up with changing demands of its discerning campers. As well as the more familiar caravan holiday or pitching of ones own tent on a meadow you can now experience 'Glamping' which is a very comfortable form of camping with a few more of the mod-cons of a modern home, but set in the glorious outdoors close to nature.
 You can try this very fashionable form of camping in the canvas Lodge Tent, which has heating and small terrace and standing head height, or the Shepherd Hut - an early type of caravan.  There is a new Osea View cafe due to open in May and walkers on the seawall will be able to try this too. The newest addition to the park are a row of beach huts being built on the foreshore. This is an attempt to reclaim those halcyon days of  the Blackwater beach holiday. For those who are yet to experience what this unique area has to offer take a look at their website osealeisure. Here's a link to a recent article in EADT24 about the park and its owners

Back to those halcyon days. Still under construction, a row of ten huts on stilts are new additions to the foreshore along Mill Beach

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