Sunday, 8 December 2013

Hythe Quay Maldon

 Hythe Quay at Maldon as it looked last weekend after the initial movement

The Hythe yesterday (Sat) after the tidal surge

  Lets hope any more of the quay doesn't suffer the same fate and that something can be done about the Hythe sooner rather than later.
  At the moment the visitors pontoon is not affected and although a boat drawing as much as six feet or more could reach right up to Fullbridge, from my observations and without physically sounding the depth with my trusty cane, that same craft would not be able to visit here as a lot of silt has built near it  barring access to deeper draft vessels who otherwise might like to come alongside.

  PS: On a positive note if you get a chance do visit the Hythe as sailing barge Hydrogen is open as a cafe barge throughout the winter months.  Tea or coffee with home made cakes etc are now available onboard in this unique setting.
Good sailing, TS


Paul Mullings said...

Is this the result of gradual settlement Tony, or the result of the recent tidal surge?

Creeksailor said...

The initial movement, in the top image, appears to be the result of gradual undermining wear of the tide. The lower image shows the after effect of the tidal surge which came over the quay to the edge of the road. I was in Mersea on Saturday too where they had a fair bit of disruption. I overheard talk of the surge being one foot below the floods of 53. Quite a few sandbags and debris about the place.