Thursday, 21 November 2013

Get Afloat

  Prices have fallen in the second-hand yacht market with many boats for sale stuck-fast to hards or sitting around in boatyards, therefore buyers are in as good a position as it is likely to get to reel in a bargain. If you are moving up in size then more boat for less cash is a realistic expectation too as owners are shedding pounds in order to dump the on-going financial liability of storage costs. It is worth considering just what the on-going running costs will be before you make that purchase and though it may shatter the dream a little to do this, in the long run you know its for the best. If you are looking at a 22' - 27' long or fin-keeler, perhaps one that is chocked up in a yard, the rental costs of yard space may set you back £100.00 plus per month, and a lift in will set you back at least another bulls-eye at £50, but probably more. The costs all add up so that the 22' Hurley long-keel going for under 2K may end up costing double that by the time you get her in the water. If the type of boat you fancy sits on a trailer then you can be self reliant to a large degree and after making the purchase can sit her on the drive or in a friends garden where the running costs fall to a stress free zero.
The mooring costs of both these types of vessel, the long-keeler and the the small trailer-sailor, do not have be high either and to give an example Maldon council moorings are surprisingly reasonable at just over a hundred quid. Here are the current charges from the council website. The figures on the right are VAT.
 Mooring Registration Fee  £104.17  £20.83
Annual Charges

 Up to 7.99 Metres  £91.67 £18.33
 8.00 to 9.99 Metres  £154.17 £30.83
 10.00 to 14.99 Metres  £208.33 £41.67
 15.00 Metres and above  £275.00 £55.00
Now, obviously other councils prices will vary and you will have to supply your own tackle, and you have then got to be able to get to the mooring, but the point I'm making is for the average Joe who would never think twice about owning a boat for fear of the high costs of owning and keeping a sailing cruiser, finds in fact access to cruiser sailing can be done on the most meager budgets.  In my view, at these prices, the value of fun and quality of life returned per pound spent is simply immeasurable, and in this light I would go even further and say a boat mooring fee is going to be the best money investment in your own sanity you will ever make...
  I've had a quick look through the listings on Ebay and there is a plethorough of small boats at bargain prices. If you are looking for a small cruiser then now is as good as any to make that purchase.
Here are a few available right now. Express Pirate  Corribee  Halcyon 27  Vivacity 20


Paul Mullings said...

Not thinking of trading up surely Tony ;)

Creeksailor said...

Ha! I've been rumbled... The Viv is a steal but the Halcyon is very tempting...