Monday, 8 July 2013

Cruising Essentials - Topsail Halyard Bend

 In answer to various requests I've put a series of videos together. This one deals with the topsail.

There are a couple of variations to this traditional seaman's knot which I use but this version I find is the most simplest and quickest way to bend on the topsail halyard to the topsail yard - and I can tie and untie it in the dark while under way to which, perhaps, is just as important and worth considering if choosing which knots to add into your repertoire..

Note: Terra Firma - useful in non sailing situations to where you need a tight, secure hold on a spar or post with a rope.


The Unlikely Boatbuilder said...

One of my favorite knots. I even have a topsail yard to use it on.

After tying it as you have done, I make it a bit secure by tucking the end over the closest bend, and under the two other bends.

Paul Mullings said...

If you like knots,hitches and bends you will love this site

Creeksailor said...

T U B - Those that fly a tops'l are a rare breed. To be able to bend one on is even rarer! Your version sounds more belt and braces than illustrated by John Leather or F B Cooke even, and definately mine in the video. At first I would always tie it this way (JL FBC) but as in the video it has never moved a millimeter as it only tightens the harder the pull on it. Is'nt it a wonder that we can still play around with knots, finding your own preference. Regards