Sunday, 3 March 2013

London Gateway

A staggering amount of lowland has been swallowed by the site but some of the sea has been reclaimed for the dock
Zhen Hua in position at London Gateway dock with "next generation" cranes onboard
 Our cruising area is constantly changing and we are in the midst of some rather historical moments with regard to shipping and riverside developments and the use of our waterways. What with the ground breaking London Olympics and the new lock and docking area that was built there, and the Wallasea Island Wild Coast project dock in the Crouch we also have a mega dock London Gateway which while cruising in the Thames last year I was able to view from a distance being built on the north shore of the river, just below Mucking Creek ( Mucking was mentionend in an earlier Inshore Coast article) Couldn't really make out much as I had to stick to the Starboard side due to shipping movements but the first batch of new cranes have just arrived. What a staggering site they are comming up the Thames balanced on the ship Zhen Hua 26. Take a look here Zhen Hua 26 coming up the Thames


Keith Worsdell said...

I first saw cranes like these, but evidently smaller, being delivered to Felixstow a few summers ago I could not believe my eyes at the time as i sailed out of Harwich to the Walton Backwaters.
How much "top hamper" can these cargo vessels take?
Perhaps with 20m draft, but 100m air draft? With treble breadth overhang?
How do they tolerate high winds and rough seas on a 3 month voyage from China?

Creeksailor said...

It is a wonder indeed. I could see them quite clearly from Leigh and Southend. The security guard at the site thought I was a loon for wanting to film them, I agreed with him and no sooner he began taking pictures through the fence himself! Would think you'll be able to see these when leaving the Medway.