Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Lets Go Nautical

   A nautical flavour from Youtube that can set the mood for the small-boat sailor who thinks big. The world is ours, go get it this coming season!

  Before you do, shut your eyes lay back and be taken way down your stretch of water, off to a distant coast - a sleepy creek, or just let your mind wonder to this selection which is a bit of pure nostalgic magic. If you never watched it on TV you may have still heard the soundtrack playing in the background of your own life at the time.


Paul Mullings said...

Always know when the weather is bad and people are housebound!
Sorry to see the late snow causing chaos over there, still in drought here with no rain for weeks on end.

Creeksailor said...

A youtube moment.. Couple of friends told me their mobiles were slowing down loading the page! They meant get those vids off - have left one favorite.

In Shoal Waters has arrived. Hardback and paperback. The book is a gem. Will be posting about it in due course as I'm so busy cutting and carving with wood at present.
Good sailing