Wednesday, 6 March 2013


An observation in our increasingly changed environment.

  The soothing coastal views of the Dengie are about to be obliterated by the erection of ten wind generators. This is a favourite stretch of coast for the sheer fact it has nothing on it. I am yet to find out whether the solitude you can find here is spoilt completely when tucked up in Hoo Creek for example, at low tide, when the wind generators just may be obscured from view. My fingers are crossed. But lets make no mistake in saying that Bradwell and the Dengie Peninsular has been one of the last great escapes within an hours drive from London where minds can be unrestrained by solitude, peace and quiet, rejoicing in the simplicity of open and free space. What an experience indeed. And this fact applies to millions of people who can only be unaware of how this part of our "heritage in landscape" is being ruined. In my view you cant put a price on the value that escaping the fast moving confusion and restraining hold that working life has for people. To be in and around the natural environment such as green open space, in amongst the trees or peering over clear horizons across the glittering sea is a proven natural tablet to good health and as a species we need lots of these tablets to exist together harmoniously. Given the choice I would rather look at a space that is clear of futuristic man-made towers that crowd the mind and cast a claustrophobic shadow on ones shoulders when they are in view. There are times and moments to wonder at such structures but while trying to escape the above said is not one of them, but sure when I go into town I expect to see this type of thing and have to wondered why every building does not have its own smaller wind generator. The concept of self sufficiency from the national grid by free energy from wind and solar is one that everyman should be encouraged and helped (cost-wise) to achieve as we have to find other energy sources so I look forward to the day when the man of modest means can walk into their local DIY store and pick up a windgenrator system able to run his home that is as affordable as a video recorder or TV. Would this ever happen though, surely we have the technology now but what about all that cash that is raised from over inflated prices and share holders windfalls...Emm... By clicking on this link you can read a piece I wrote about about the Dengie coast as it was only yesterday.
The health and well being promoting Dengie coast. All to amazingly it seems free from clutter. They came and they saw, and like a parking space, said - put something on it!

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Paul Mullings said...

I am so saddened by the news of yet more Quixotic abominations further spoiling the once pristine wide open spaces that were once far from the madding crowd.
What you say is so true Tony, most of us are all for conservation and green solutions to our ever increasing demands for power - BUT! Surely we should treasure our places of wild beauty and solitude, isn't that a green attitude? Unfortunatly it seems to me that the out of sight out of mind brigade always seems to have the final say. Is this a done deal or is there still time to lobby?

Creeksailor said...

It’s a done deal. The whole thing makes a mockery of the little sign which says keep off the grass.
The last piece of undeveloped coast in Essex is now history...