Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What’s In A Name?

    This is a taster to my Creek Sailor cartoon serial which I hope will become a regular feature of this site.

  Small boaters and in particular creek sailing have become synonymous. Period. I can now close this blog for my job is done. But no, I’ll carry on a while longer regardless, for there is still work to be done in the name of affordable cruising for every man and lady, whether born on the Quay spewing seaweed or in a block of flats in London sucking on car fumes and police sirens.  
There maybe a recession in other fields but creek sailors are now popping out of the woodwork like gunfire sprayed all over the place. You may have noticed how articles are appearing in mags and such like by so called experts of this somewhat “noble art of the humble man”. (Might just possibly be skint though with three kids wrapped round them and can’t afford a big boat). Maybe these folk have become disillusioned by being shouted to from the seawall “you are partaking in a sport” by someone who is short of breath, while sitting minding their own business in a small boat surrounded by mud doing a bit of dunlin watching. About as sporting as a game of I Spy with my  twelve year old - but a Judoka applying a rear naked strangle on a resisting opponent during full contact combat that ends only with the opponents submission. Now that is a sport, a real noble sport and art. 

  These creek sailors are real people though that just cant help but have a little creek in them. For instance there is Mike, or rather “Creekin Flood” as I know him. Never been known to sail on an ebb. He has the words “sailing on an ebb is for fools” tattooed on his winking eyebrow…

  Of course we also have "Creek Watcher Brian", also known as "Armchair Creek" as he will freely admit to doing more faffin and fiddling with his boat while down the creek than anyone in all England ever has, but promises to go sailing one day. When people steal  ideas from this site he does come out with some wise words though such as “success has many fathers and failure is an orphan” or “many people claim a good idea and no-one says I did it wrong”.

  And there’s "Creeky Dave" who’s as nimble and agile as a flying kite surfin over salt encrusted marshland, even though he forever pleads “me back legs are gone”.

And there’s "Creek Boat Fiend" Ian who has had fifty boats for each of his fifty years afloat. He will eye your boat up as soon as your back is turned, advise you of her value and go to any length to get his offer accepted even though she is not for sale. His plus points are he goes for a sail and importantly can tell you what was for sale in the back pages of any 1960s yachting mag.

 Need I mention the name "Creeksailor", one who’s antics of roaming up impossibly shoal creeks (creek sailing), wallowing in mud baths and plucking samphire for use as toothpicks while sunbathing on offshore sandbanks have been revered by boaters in all the globes corners.. .

I’ll introduce the rest in a later edition but if you consider yourself a creek sailor then leave me your  tag. Obviously it must have the word “creek” in it.

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