Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Wild Sea Coast

 Some of you may have read the Wild Sea Coast article I wrote for ECS magazine's September edition. Some of the pictures were of Hoo Creek. Join me in this video clip for a gentle sail along one of the East Coast's more remote creeks.

    I call this stretch of coastline that reaches from Shoeburyness in the south to Bradwell-Juxta-Mare in the north, The Wild Sea Coast. It is wild in many ways for it has very few people inhabit it, hardly any roads with public access that reach the seawalls, very few buildings to spoil the wide open spaces. Wild plants thrive here, rabbits, foxes and deer roam freely and adders swarm undisturbed in marsh and flat arable land that spans for miles.The shallow nature of the sea along this stretch of coast and the short window the tide allows means it can be difficult to explore in a sailing boat. However I have managed to explore every creek that pierces it in my boat Shoal Waters, and have rambled up and down its length many times on foot. Of the hundreds of creeks I have explored Hoo Creek can be categorised as very remote - a spartan beauty. Every creek has something different about it. It may be a particular bird species, a wreck, deep mud, a shingle beach, a wharf, trees, buildings, a ghost even. Whatever it is they all have one thing inherently in common which is the salty tide that flows into it twice in twenty four hours. Creeks (our inshore coastline) are also places where one can almost experience the past, while at the same time enjoying nature, by getting that feeling of actually touching history. Enjoy the film. TS


Paul Mullings said...

Hi Tony, can you please tell me the source for your solar panel, it looks very thin and just what I am looking for.
Great film of a beautifully wild and remote place too.

Creeksailor said...

Hi Paul
I purchased the panel here (10 watt)

There is just enough flexibility in the panel for it to be fixed to a mildly curved surface. Very pleased with it.

Anonymous said...

Spiffing film thank you.

Creeksailor said...

Thanks for your comment - glad you liked the clip of a very special place.