Wednesday, 24 October 2012

TRBT - Porpoise

  A pleasant surprise recently was to see this porpoise swimming past on its way down the River Blackwater, a rare sight. I was coming up river after sailing the course at the Maldon Regatta race, which began off Mersea Island. By the time I had grabbed the camera it had almost gone but you may just be able to see its fin. Its so nice to see these creatures swimming about. It must be nearly two years ago that one was found at the very top of Goldhanger Creek. The poor thing had become stranded and had given up where it lay in the mud. The local chronicle came down and took photos it was such a rare event. The seals that dwell in our rivers and creeks are mischievous looking little wonders too. How fortunate we are to have them reside here. A trip up Lawling is not quite the same without seeing them puppy dog faces atop the mud. I often see one or two on my way down river too, after the Goldhanger Spit Buoy, especially first thing in the morning. They do get up as far as Heybridge Creek as I have watched them diving about there also. Its quite possible they may even go further inland. 


Anonymous said...

Tony, Saturday week ago was in Oakley Creek at HW, many seals etc, but then noticed first one, then another come up out of the water with an arcing movement typical of dolphins, then the third leap diagonally out of the water until it stalled and belly flopped back in; obviously porpoises!


Creeksailor said...

Oakley Creek :) Your description adds weight to the thought they seem to be moving in numbers. I was sure I saw two at first but could only snap one. They (and our seals) are worthey of a deeper study by TV programme makers.

Got up to Bull's Ooze this year. Was going to wallow there for the night for the heck of it but pressed on round to the Stour. Next year..

Julian Merson said...

I saw one last year when I was sailing in the Colne off Brightlingsea. I never seem to see them in the Orwell - but that may be just me...!