Monday, 23 July 2012

Wet Creeks

What a season it has been so far. The wettest June since the mid 1800s put paid to many a cruising sailor man/woman's plans. Since my seven day Olympic cruise in early April things have been quite hit and miss. I had begun resorting to rushing down the creek at the first sign of a clearing sky, generally at a moments notice and typically on a Sunday evening for a twilight sail after the rains had stopped. Anyhow got down to the boat Saturday night for an early tide on Sunday with good intentions of heading up the coast to explore a very special creek. Well, the picture above says it all really. Sometimes it can be difficult to leave such a beautiful creek. The image is taken from my mooring, the tide slowly ebbing from the creek but I'm  not on it...  It will return soon enough - there is no need to rush in situations like this. The new dawn over the creek was just to good to miss so the eggs and bacon went in the pan for a full English, in true minimal cruiser style.

We can only hope summer has arrived and there is always next weekend...

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Paul Mullings said...

Just love that photo,it pretty much sums up the whole reason for living