Tuesday, 31 July 2012


 Creeksailing covers the gamut of small boat cruising. Often there are white knuckle moments while heading for your chosen creek, and then there is the excitement of anticipation as the creek slowly becomes navigable by the mystery of the tides. The environment is generally remote, uncluttered and peaceful, with the soundtrack of wild nature. The immense fun that follows is then to reach the creek-head under sail or oar. The creek will try its best to trap you with its sticky mud shoals or hidden obstacles under the water surface, all the while enticing you further into its depths with glimpses from atop the marsh of vivid purple sea lavender or abandoned and forgotten ruins sucking you in "hook line and sinker" to explore every twist and turn.
  This small film was captured over three days in my miniature pea green wooden gaff cutter Shoal Waters. please forgive the wind interference in some of the sound. I promise to invest in a proper camera one day and make a real movie. Donations are welcome!

Do enjoy, TS


htholman said...

Lovely to see thin water sailing in all it's glory. Three days without rain or clouds...a new record?

Paul Mullings said...

Great stuff Tony. Regarding the wind noise try taping a small piece of a disposable foam brush over the microphone hole on the camera.

William Serjeant said...

Enjoyed the video Tony. Thanks a lot.


Creeksailor said...

Probably is a record for this year!

New camera is onboard so more to come. Found a useful tip on youtube. Surprisingly folded Kleenex tissue was the best at wind filtering, so had a go and it worked a treat..