Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Cruising Notes

This little notelet is one of many I enjoy making of the creeks I visit. Sure, they may seem very basic but these little bits of paper can be a very useful tool for learning an area. Photos are good for remembering certain points of note, and I have thousands of them, but I find it a useful tool to make little sketches like this one below of Mell Creek. They are intended for personal reference and are roughly drawn up, and, often like my photographs, grabbed while the boat is bobbing up and down, so no-one else may understand them...

The logic here though is if you have drawn them yourself IE: taken the time to purposely write certain details down, you will in effect be scribing into that small section of grey matter that helps us remember this kind of stuff, therefore memorising for future use.
I get great enjoyment from reading books and there are of course some lucky folk who can mentally scan a text book to then have immediately learned it...
If, like me, when learning new things you learn best from actually doing the thing physically, and not reading from a text book, this is well worth a try.

Below is my grabbed notelet/sketch of Mell Creek.
Artistically it is basic but the main point from a learning perspective is I have re-iterated again to myself the main details of the creek, as I see it, by the exercise of drawing it.
Even points of interest which go unseen from the water, such as the rail carriage which, incidentally has in all likelihood came from the "Crab n Winkle" line nearby and are interesting features to be seen when taking a stroll from the boat, are noted.

Notelet of a creek crawl into Mell Creek and to the delightful little creek's head.

The spit outside Mell Creek is a great place to play in a small boat.
I use it for a variety of roles such as anchoring, swimming, boat scrubbing, beach-combing, longshoring, running aground even?

If you would rather give the area a miss when cruising downriver, along this shoreline, take a bearing from Mill Point across to the Baffle. This heading will take you clear of the outer limit of the spit (where you should find a short withie). This withie is hard to find unless very close, but one is usually marking it. There are also many stumps from the former Tollesbury pier, conveniently, the spit is a marker for these also.

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