Monday, 26 September 2011

Colne Barge Match

A few images from the River Colne barge match.

Other than this picture of Decima sporting the Tiptree logo on her tops'l, which I think is brilliant to see today. The theme of these images was to include a piece of the barge from where they are taken.
It is similar to the Through The Porthole images in that I am framing the subject. This is something I like to play with when taking pictures as in many instances I feel the viewer has a better perspective.

For the weaker willed sailors among us the romance of sail can sometimes be cruely shattered. To have to wake at 04.00 am to do a spot of winching,(raising the anchor)which lasts for about ten minutes and is best described as a full blown cardio and muscle endurance blast, is not everyones cup of tea, but it gives a good insight to the working life of the crew who would have lived aboard these old barges in the heyday of working sail.

Decima's tops'l fills as her mainsail slowly unbrails.

Marjorie and the cute little farm barge Cygnet. Note the tiller steering on Cygnet

Observed through this giant fairlead the luffing begins on a beautiful morning

Smacks were first to take off, the gun cracking half an hour before the barge start

Friday, 16 September 2011

Sea Country

For boaters with a hunger for the picturesque scenery that makes up a large part of our sea country, a few images to ease us into the autuminal loom. Can it get any better than this? I wonder. Not going to mention any names but some of you may recognise these creeks. For countryside lovers, bridle-path walkers and sea ramblers alike, an amble along a waterway such as these is all that is needed to send you rushing home completely rejuvinated, to tackle that mountain of ironing or that stack of paperwork at the office.