Monday, 13 June 2011

Ditch-Crawling In Shoal Waters

DITCH-CRAWLING in Shoal Waters to some of my favorite haunts has been very enjoyable indeed. She is already feeling like a home from home. Especially having the 12 inch draft like Huffler, which means she can get in all the ditches and tiny creeks as I could in Huffler.
Like Huffler I have probably sailed her for 70% of the time in less than three feet of water, which is classic Creeksailor territory. Every Friday night has been spent on board as well as other midweek jaunts, not yawnfuly clocking miles but rather spending 'quality time on board,' either floating or sitting in the mud of one of the beautiful creeks. I suppose we are fortunate in that when it is blowing force five or six there is always some cruising grounds to potter in, where conditions are more civilised. This photograph shows an area of ditches which has small flocks of terns dive bombing for fish. And they are not shy, even resting on the bowsprit between dives.
To find out where this wonderful little creek is you will have to purchase a copy of the Creeksailor book, which will be out and for sale in two weeks time.

With the pocket book 'Creeksailor Ready About on The River Blackwater' now at the printers I am already gathering new material for the next title and Like Ready About On the River Blackwater it will be packed with useful information and many photographs that illustrate my type of creek-sailing/ditch-crawling.