Thursday, 26 May 2011

Collins Creek Targets

THE Targets just north-west of Collins Creek, are two contorted, twisted and torn steel wrecks that give another glimpse of days gone by. The wrecks were used in WW2 as target practice. It must have been a quiet time on the river, shipping-wise, while these were being shot at? Many working craft, inside the river at the time, would still be under power of sail only. The Targets, marked by two black and red isolated danger buoys, are placed north and south of the hazard, and for most of the time the are covered. To keep well clear of the buoys makes a lot of sense...
I use the north of the two buoys to navigate, when creeping up Thirslet Creek. At low water springs, the wrecks are an interesting feature. These images were taken about an hour after low water, when there was enough salt to let me get in real close. Although; I avoided throwing the hook over the side, as you never know, it could just land on something!