Friday, 24 September 2010

St Peter On The Wall and Gunner's Creek

  A few notes from a recent three day cruise I undertook in the foot steps of eighteenth century smugglers.
On leaving my mooring in the creek I was able to navigate Deadmans Creek in both directions before exiting the creek at the very shallow East Point. Continuing on a leisurely meander down to Bradwell Creek was had. Turning to Starboard at the Tide Pole Huffler was sailed into the creek and past the marina.
With a pint in the Green Man waiting I wiggled back through the moorings, running Huffler up onto the sloping mud bank beside the withering poles of the former barge dock.

  After dark Setting sail again for a midnight passage alone under moonlight.
My final destination was the tiny Gunner's Creek.
The creek is reached by a high tide passage out of the river mouth and a turn south, over the shallow mud flats. A remote creek but with such a special atmosphere. Also a very narrow creek and sits below the chapel of St Peter On The Wall, as well as Wild Fowler Walter Linnets former cottage.
  A fabulous night was had here. Definitely not for the faint hearted (even more so at night) as there are many obstructions beneath the shallow breaking seas at high water but well worth the effort to reach it.

The full account of this magical cruise including the moonlight passage can be read in the Creaksailor book.

Winkle picking on St Peter's mud flats the following morning.