Saturday, 10 July 2010

Bawley Emma

Having spoken to Emma's owner Vic he was able to give me some updated information from some further research he had done on Emma.
Emma was originally a clinker built hull, which was discovered when the carvel planking was recently removed. This pre dated Emma to 1850 as this was the time when Bawley construction changed to carvel planking.
She originally had a Maldon reg no until crossing the Thames to a new owner in Whitsable.

Bawley Emma in the smack race on the Blackwater 2010

Emma was built for cockling and shrimping and continued to work out of the Kent creeks, being purchased by another new owner in 1928 and given the Faversham reg no F22 where she continued to work for shrimps and cockles.
When Vic purchased Emma in 2008 she had been sitting in the creek for a couple of years.
After giving Emma a complete restoration during which a wet hold was found in the hull, which indicates she may have kept the catch live until getting to shore.
Vic will be leaving the nets ashore this season deciding to race her at the classic East Coast events and sail her for pleasure, so lucky for all working boat fans we will be seeing a bit more of her up and down the east coast.

Smack rigged bawley Emma sailing on the Blackwater

Working boat enthusiasts may notice Emma is smack rigged not bawley. Vic says that is because most or all the Faversham based bawleys found it easier to navigate the meandering Faversham creek with smack rig.