Monday, 27 April 2009

100 Mile week dinghy cruising

Dinghy cruising being so much fun, if any unexpected opportunity comes up I will try and get afloat. A small cruise turned into a busy weeks sailing in Caravella, trying to get in all the creeks that I had missed the back end of last year. I had not realised that I had covered a hundred miles sailing in and about the river. The cruise involved spending nights on board, taking in many areas up and down the river including Sales Point, St Lawrence Creek, Bradwell Creek and Pewet Island, among others.

The most memorable and exhilarating sail was reaching all the way to Stone from Bradwell Creek at about 8pm on a flood tide. A fantastic sun began setting ahead, while stood standing at the helm. I think it was at this point I had realised I had totally tamed the Scaffie as she was obeying every touch on the tiller, being very forgiving when I sailed her hard on the wind, not daring to heel me overboard.

Bradwell Creek

The Scaffie, a great cruising dinghy with lots of room and readily adaptable for camping on board.

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