Sunday, 13 March 2016

Faversham Creek

Enjoying a walk into bygone Kent on The Two Creeks Walk, Faversham. This charmed circular walk is approximately 5 miles in length along the paths of Faversham and Oar Creeks and there's even two or three opportunities along the way to catch your thirst... The walk (most of this can be sailed as well) takes in historic buildings such as the timber framed TS Hazard, built in 1475 as a town warehouse and named after a warship Faversham supplied to fight the Spanish Armada in 1588: 'Crab Island', barges, old wharves, wading birds, satlmarshes and sheep grazing on ancient meadows.

An avenue of leeboards - monuments conveying the importance of the Thames barge, and its history, at Faversham Creek...

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