Sunday, 21 September 2014

West Wight Potter

  One of the pleasures of cruising is not knowing what is round the next bend in a creek or river. Well, I was rewarded when I met Dave Morl, who was moored in his charming West Wight Potter 'Roamer', while sailing down the tiny Waxham New Cut on the Norfolk Broads earlier this year. I pulled over and put the kettle on for a 'brew-n-yarn' only to learn that Dave knew my boat well and had met Charlie and Shoal Waters on The Broads on a number of occasions over the years, and was now delighted to meet her new owner, yours truly, doing the same type of cruising. A while later he  gave me a guided tour of Roamer, a C-Type built on the Isle of Wight, pointing out how his boat has been tailored to his needs (in true small-boat owner tradition) by the useful modifications or adaptations he had made to her over the last 30 years or so.
  A useful tip for other would be trailer-sailors - Dave trailers roamer for long distances - 200 miles plus - to reach various cruising areas around the country and on these occasions prefers to drive through the night when the roads are clear of traffic. One way he does this for a return journey, after a cruise, is to take the boat out of the water in the afternoon, when you can de rig her and get everything ready in daylight, and then sleep on the boat until 01.00 or 02.00 in the morning or whenever it is your desired time to leave.
  Later we both went on to have a delightful evening sail in company, totally unplanned, through Meadow Dyke, until dusk and mooring at a quay heading downstream of Candle Dyke for the night. Cheers Dave, it was a delight to meet you.

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