Friday, 26 September 2014

It's two years this month since Charlie passed away. How incredible it is that time flies. Please join me and take a moment to reflect on his time with us. And let us be thankful for his inspiration and the adventure-packed writings that Chas has left us with by his two published books, Sailing Just for fun and In Shoal Waters, both modern classics of sailing literature. And for those that stepped forward in search of answers simply just being there for advice on any sailing related matter.

Someone once told me sailing is escapism. I was baffled by this assumption as anyone who has taken up cruising will understand and know it is all consuming- a Tao. Exploring the coast in a boat, as opposed to on foot, that has been pretty much a major part of your life is not escaping. It is spending time in a reality, a place where the waters are the same today as they were for the likes of Maurice Griffith, Francis B Cooke and Charlie Stock. This is a constant in our lives as clockwork as the incoming tide.

More than ever the coastal and offshore waters are our last frontier. Don't wait for tomorrow, or the next day to get out there and start enjoying them. Make it your reality.

This song, on the link from Youtube; Moon River sung by Andy Williams, also sadly no longer with us, was played at Charlies funeral service. I shed a tear every time I hear it but please take the time to listen to it. Absorb its words as it tells of the free spirited wonder of cruising.

Good sailing, Tony

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Paul Mullings said...

You are so right Tony, time sure flys,where have those two years gone?
Coincidentally I have just re read Charlie's books so must have had a amazing legacy for us all.
Thanks for the reminder and great to hear Andy singing.