Friday, 20 June 2014

Foil Wrapped Rigging

Many of us who leave a boat out on a mooring  suffer from the over enthusiastic attention of those birds we love so much. Well, they do love us in return but you know what it's like. Viz; you approach the boat, only to see them sitting on the boom, or up top the mast, fidgeting and shuffling giving you a wry wink and that knowing nod as if to say 'I've just used your boat as a latrine for the last five days - I'll be off now'.  And that neatly secured sail cover? There are occasions when it seems they cant get enough of us especially during the early season when their love for us simply overflows.
In a return show of affection to our feathered friends the boats down the creek have been adorned with many forms of BIRD OFF attempts - kids sand castle windmills, dangling rope, CD' discs, Tesco bags, and that old chestnut used nationwide, and full size life-like plastic model, some even say a good resemblance of an old sea dog, 'The Owl'.
  I liked this little invention that Mike 'Creek In Flood' has been testing lately down the creek. Mainly because it is simple, cheap and is a second use material. All good small boating virtues. Tests have not been in the manner of your usual 'sailing trials', more in the way of 'mooring trials', and results so far have been positive.
 Mike says this is his baby - this foil wrap idea that is - but I secretly think we can thank whoever it is indoors who makes the sarnies for his day sails...  Instead of binning the foil from his sandwiches, Mike, never known to have sailed on an ebb tide,  has found that with a few folds in the foil and then wrapping them around various parts of rigging, this has been enough to give those little tweeters the jitters and their bombardment of love letters have dwindled down to just the odd note!

Update 26/06/14
Mike has sent in up-to-the-minute reports of his ongoing tests. After studying them at length for a minute, and doing a few seminars with power point presentations, I can reveal the prototype needs more work before we can send off for patents and unleash this invention on to the yachting public.
The major problem being the residue left on the foil from salt beef sandwiches seems to exacerbate the bird nuisance to higher levels than without using foil...
Well, as you can imagine I am disappointed at this major set back as I was planning on putting a Fiver in for 50% of the company. However, keeping in a positive mood, tests are ongoing and I can only hope that he gets more of the honey roast ham sandwiches!

Mike's soon to be patented Foil Wrapped Yacht Bird Scarer may work depending on your sarnie contents...

Mike's recycled and eco friendly bird scarers

 You can catch up with Mike at this weekends Small Boat Sailors rally in Hickling, Norfolk. He has also written two enjoyable and informative articles for the Creeksailor guest writer pages that can be found here Guest Writer

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