Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Winkler's Tales

Smaller Boat Publications
Title:  Winkler's Tales ISBN 978-0-9569030-1-3
Size 110mm x 180mm
120 black and white pages plus full colour cover
19721 words
69 photographs
3 illustrations

 Small boats make the world a bigger place, as Tony Smith demonstrated in his first book, Ready About on the River Blackwater, a charming exploration of the creeks and secret corners of the marshy Essex coast. Now, in Winkler’s Tales, he’s expanded his universe even further, by going even smaller in his home-built 12ft sailing duck punt. Along the way, he’s evolved his own unique brand of “roof-rack” boating, literally sailing to new heights in these enchanting, intrepid adventures that will broaden your horizons, whether you’re at home in your armchair or are inspired to venture forth and delve into the dewy margins of land and water. This is a pocket gem, a companion on a journey into hidden nooks of time, nature and history. DAVE SELBY 


proasail said...

Is it still possible to buy this book?. Have you thought of publishing it as an e-book which is apparently quite easy

Creeksailor said...

Sorry, they are all gone. I have and I'll look into it again. Thanks

nom de plume said...

I am looking forward to buying the book in E form

Creeksailor said...

Maldon (in Essex) tourist information center in Wenlock Way has copies of Winkler's Tales