Sunday, 16 June 2013

Cruising - Seawall Contour

  I'm amazed how many people watched the night sailing video that I put on here as it is one of those subjects that is far better to actively partake in rather than watch, even so, hope you enjoyed it.
  What with the weather being so fickle I've been able to upload another video. This one is far brighter though. You may have sailed the 10 meter contour or the 5 meter contour but here is a contour I enjoy the most, the seawall contour. Although perhaps not the quality of production on many YouTube videos today which has reached a high level as many people have gone from the early 'point and shoot' pocket cameras to dedicated 'pro' rucksack fillers stuffed kilogramme full with Ni-Cad. Others have joined in on a daily basis with films taken using slimline ipods and smart phones but still there are those like me using the backbone HD digital pocket cameras. A production level far higher perhaps than was ever anticipated by the YouTube founders? Who knows. But, as viewers we have all gained, meanwhile however, I'm no further experienced as a video maker than last year or other years so you are almost guaranteed rocky and wavy shots and wild panning to (all no nos apparently) without carefully selected music etc. All what makes YouTube what it is.  I will always prefer to shoot stills though and grab what movies I can while sailing the boat (a multi tasking male...) but please do be my guest and join me in the cockpit for an amble along an East Coast estuary fringe.


Paul Mullings said...

Oh the joys of an English summer, you are wearing more than I am here and its winter!!! Where are you sailing during the shots right in by the sea wall?

Creeksailor said...

Near Rolls Creek heading up the Blackwater. We must keep warm! Was on the move for 13 hours that day. In the lee of the seawall was probably 16 degrees but the wind chill from those northerly's felt 11 or 12. Cheers