Sunday, 21 April 2013


Even the small pocket yacht and dinghy cruiser should be able to find space on board for this useful piece of kit. A tiny LED lamp that I'm using this year as a back up anchor light but can't see why it would not be ok for a main light for the occasional overnight. No car batteries or 12volt wires needed just a few small AAA size batteries and hey presto a bright little lamp. I've added the lanyard for lashing up high onto the forestay and some whipping will add a loop to secure it below by another lashing. My test runs have given one continuous seven hour stint which will cover most hours of darkness this summer but the same batteries gave a further nine hour stint and are still showing no sign of fading. The light is approximately five inches long by an inch round and weighs next to nothing. Something that I found last year when staying afloat and anchoring just out of the fairway was my paraffin lamp had blown out by the severity of rocking motion caused by a passing boat that would send the lamp thrashing wildly in the rigging. I overcame this buy lowering the lamp. and bought a £3.99 12v car inspection lamp from eBay, sealed likely water ingressable parts with sikaflex and keep that in reserve as well, it also makes a great deck light when moving about at dusk. But this little LED lamp (can also be used as a torch), as a stand alone light, is an asset for any little ship and at £5.00 each including batteries, from Homebase, an outright steal.

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