Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Shipmate Senior Gaff Cutter Dimensions

A number of small boat enthusiasts that have read the Creeksailor book have asked about the sail plan and various dimensions of Huffler, the boat that I explored every nook and rill of the Blackwater in. Its taken ages to find this as it was on an old SD card somewhere but as promised here is the original rough draft of her rigging and sail plan. It is in Jpeg image form only but is easy to download and study at your leisure.  I will upload  a few detailed images of the bowsprit, sails and cockpit layout if needed as and when I find them but anything in particular just  or email me or leave a comment as others may be of help to.

To get you on the water, to go creeksailing, there is no need to spend more than a few thousand quid at most but if you happen to be considering a shipmate - the boat sits high on the list of no-nonsense, honestly affordable (2K-ish), low maintenance, bags of fun creek-crawlers that actually sail rather well too, a couple have even circumnavigated the UK, and they benefit from sitting upright in mud. The basic boat can also be readily adapted to suit your own needs at little expense. I had a great time with mine and heartily recommend them, particularly if you want to go "ankle deep".. Good sailing, Tony


Keith Worsdell said...

Well said Tony, probably the most suitable boat for creek crawling, if you can not get another "Shoal Waters" anywhere, Fairy Phantom hull, was it?
Shipmate Seniors will do the job well even without converting to Gaff rig, and in respect for the designer, Norman Howard, I think his original Bermudian rig is fine on mine.
Huffler looks great in the pale blue with red antifoul, just like that other shallow draft creek crawler the "Hirondelle Catamaran Mk.1" that attended one of your Blackwater gatherings. I hope to revisit you there soon. Best regards, Keith

Creeksailor said...

Hi Keith. Fairey Falcon hull it is.

It is interesting that Norman Howard later designed a gaff cutter version that is the 19' Privateer. Another point about the Shipmate being a decent sailor I am one of those rare owners who have sailed the same boat both as bermudan and as gaff rig.
Mike called Shoal Waters the Premier Inn when he first saw me with her cockpit tent up. In that light along with our envy your Cat can only be along the lines of the palatial harem!

All the best and look forward to meeting up again this year.