Friday, 29 March 2013

In Shoal Waters A C Stock

  It’s been a long time in coming but worth the wait, yes it is Charlie’s second book titled “In Shoal Waters” A. C. Stock. I’m not going to review it as that is best left to the experts who like to do that type of thing, but can tell you that I’ve read this book a few times now and each time I find something I may have missed and therefore glean more platinum that is Charlie’s wisdom and knowledge of his chosen subject matter written down in his informative and engaging style, that for me as a writer, at times, has some hilarious nuggets too.
  Anyone who sails a small boat on the open sea where danger and vulnerability are all part and parcel, and indeed at times insanely out of your control may nod in unison when I say this book is mile after mile of dinghy cruising adventure on a biblical scale, particularly his trip in Zephyr down to the Solent and the Isle of Wight.  
   Reading Charlie’s work you will gain an insight into what his type of cruising is all about – sailing, shed loads of it too.
  Chas was the original creek sailor and hundred mile trips were common-place, mostly finding himself at the head of a quiet creek at the end of a day’s cruising, often with just enough nap time to be straight off again to the next destination. With this his second book, Charles has sealed the lid on what it is to be a dedicated small boat sailor and in my view this is a must have piece of historical nautical writing. I am only saddened that Charlie didn’t get to see the finished book as it really is a lovely looking and well produced book.
  The photo on the back cover “The Jolly” says it all.   Purchase your copy here

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