Monday, 7 January 2013

Measuring Depth - The "Cup Method"

  First post of the year so to every reader have a wonderful and adventurous 2013. Thank you to everyone who either bought a book or map from me, they are still selling - I was into the Post Office again today. If you haven't already done so I hope you are able to get along the Blackwater in 2013 and at the very least glimpse some of the joys of creek sailing and of the secrets held within (going by the emails I've been getting many have made the trip either by trailering their boat or as part of a longer cruise along the coast).

  Shoal Waters is getting impatient and needs to get back in the water very soon. She was reverted back to engine-less last summer when we had some memorable cruises, about which I have been putting pen to paper but more of that another time, so I am looking forward to lots more adventures with her on the whims of the wind and ebb and flowing of the tides.  This months PBO has a second piece by columnist Dave Selby who describes our creek sailing adventure in his humorous and witty style. It was on this trip that I witnessed in front of my own eyes as he invented the intricate "cup method" of depth measuring purely for shoal water specialists, which I duly added to my repertoire and recommend anyone who is serious about creek sailing would do well to adopt this method - sure to become the norm.   I find sitting back in a chair and listening to his podcasts rather nice - especially as I often know the places or someone he mentions. The link is here

You may like the illustrations and work by Claudia Myatt to. If you enjoy photography as I do you may also find there will always be something special about a good illustration alongside a written piece, which can allow the imagination to wander further from the framed limits of a photo.  More of Claudia's work can be found on this link here.

Mike Newport and I had a punt cruise on the 30th from Heybridge up the canal to Beeleigh Abbey. Excellent day with sunshine and plenty of punts and a few Canadian type canoes made the trip.

Good sailing


Paul Mullings said...

Thanks for the link to Dave's podcast, I have just listened to it and very entertaining it was too. It is a funny old world, you mention Claudia in your blog and I have just ordered some log books from her - spooky!!
Weather here has been very hot but also extremely windy, 70 knots today so defiantly no sailing!
The forecast for later in the week is more promising so I shall be off like a shot.

Creeksailor said...

Maybe you could field test Daves 'cup method' when you are next out as he'd be keen to learn it works in the Southern Hemisphere to.

Have a good sail