Monday, 8 October 2012

Tall Ships

   You may have seen her around the East Coast; she was at the Thames Jubilee Pageant earlier in the year, but with her yards draped in square white canvas she now adds a swashbuckling-come-Onedin Line glamour to the River Blackwater. Its the 102 feet long brigantine Lady of Avenel, and I cant get enough of seeing her (passing wakes that is..). I contacted Jim Dines at Heritage Marine in Maldon in order to find out just how a mere pocket yachting mortal gets to have a dangle from those lofty yard arms.  Jim tells me she is available for charter for groups of up to twelve at £100 each person per day including food. I can feel those wallets smoldering at the thought but lay your ropes down easy as we can still get a day sail in if only not everyone has layed up and reached for the carpet slippers, and being as its late in the year we may be able to do a deal if I can get a few of you out there to join me? If you think this sounds like a good day out then do contact me asap as she will be in commision until November. She will be in the river until next spring, when she may be off to Scotlands west coast for the summer.  Here is the Heritage Marine website link if you would like to find out more.
The Lady of Avenel cruising past Osea. She was built in 1969 as a motor vessel and converted to sail in 1991

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