Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Heybridge Hulk Cycle

Well, the hulk walk turned into a Goldhanger SC cruiser section's icycle bonanza of a day out - an ice-cycle atop the slippery seawall. The day started with a detour into Maldon, opposite the Hythe, to check out some boaty bits at The Little Ship Club's boat jumble. Here, mingling alongside the enticing sausage sandwiches, small-boat sailors jostled for table space, and even more Goldhanger SC folk were found thumbing fettelishly through fabled old books and an assortment of useful sail ironmongery. Alas, silver crossed palms in an impressive display of hand wizardry only ever seen once before on the card players table. Laden, it was to Heybridge we went...

As dunlin worked the tide-lines SBS members scour the frozen fringes of the Blackwater to survey the Charles Burley

The Thames barge hulk - a study

A true "mud bath" Lady Helen

Just about ready to move in?

Very hard to spot this hulk but once you catch the shape of her rudder her game of hide and seek in the marsh is up

This was the 3rd hulk we explored, a barge hulk I had been waiting information on. I have asked a few people in the past but none knew of a hulk in this site and she had simply been long forgotten, so thanks to the Society for Sailing Barge Research who list her as being; in all probability, 'Betsy' . How lovely is that name? - A name of personal significance to as I have always named my trucks Betsy. Such a hardworking reliable and endeering name. Her last recognisable days were spent as a house barge here.

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