Sunday, 20 March 2011


Beautiful country. Across the saltings into the distance the trinity light vessel can be seen.

I had previously sailed up the creek while listening to a little music by an artist who's music reflects his love of nature and wild open spaces, though sadly no longer with us. It was John Denver's Calypso in fact which I find compliments these wild and remote places beautifully. Then suddenly stumbling across this image.
It seems no matter how difficult and remote a place one reaches in his small boat the scar of human intrusion on this fragile habitat can still be evident.
Maybe this cyclist floated in on 'two tyres and tide' for a peaceful night but somehow got into difficulty? Who knows.

John Denver's Calypso, written about the adventurous marine oceanographer Jacques Cousteau. Calypso was his ships name. If you are of a similar age to me you would have been glued to your screens for this series as it was big in the seventies.